“What does THIS ensemble mean to me?” - for Clinton, and Ren

In 2014 I was invited to play with THIS ensemble 3 times.

I think for me, THIS represents a space and opportunity for Ren and his artists to experiment. There is a certain sense of fluidity and freedom – freedom to play whichever instruments, sounds or objects, do whatever - to whoever, be whatever, stop whenever, for however long, until we've exhausted ourselves physically, mentally and intellectually for the night.

But whatever, however, whoever, whenever and whichever were also not child's play and careless abandonment. Every decision was carefully thought out by each artist, in response to the other artists and the overall environment, and with the in-built artistic behaviours each of us had developed over the years of respective practices.

THIS ensemble 2014 has been a platform for live artistic experimentation.  It means that as artist, I have been allowed to work with fellow artists in a non-judgemental environment, to test my ideas, sharpen my awareness, and push my skills and knowledge.

On a less personal note, the focussed nature of 2014's last performance says to me that THIS is heading SOMEWHERE.

Thanks Ren and THIS, pleased to have been involved in 2014,

C xo

(and thanks Clinton for posing the question)



Photo: Jenny Barnes and Clinton Green at THIS ensemble, 1 Aug 2014