Somethings you just have to wait ten years...

Around 2004-6, I was weaving in and out of recording studios at Musikhögskolan i Piteå.  It was all new to me then, fresh out of the Conservatorium - I quickly embraced the medium.  I did some projects: improvisation duos, other people's works, and on ice instruments in an igloo.  And a project  I remember fondly - the sound engineer and I were both exploring techniques but most studios were booked months ahead, leaving only the graveyard shifts.  We were crazy.

I remember the Snickers and coffee machines in the foyer.  The quiet corridors after the hustle of civil people.  Walking to school in the freezing darkness after dinner.  The do-whatever-we-can playfulness when we got to school.  The work - take after take.  And plowing through knee-deep snow on shortcuts back to the student compound after several hours, relieved, joyous, exhausted, as the day broke and sleepy people arrived.

Fast forward ten years and finally, I get to work in that environment again.  Here's to keep on working.