Improv Idol

Clinton Green and I have been working on the Improv Idol concept since late last year – a conversation at a Good Improv, Bad Improv gig between inventor/composer (Clinton) and participant (Carmen) sparked keen enthusiasm. A few meetings then took place in early 2015 where we discussed things like venue options, the feasibility of making a Fringe show, the finances, the logistics among our already busy lives and schedules, and whether we could realistically pull it off. Finally, in May we decided we couldn't let this idea pass - we'd just have a crack at it.

Calendars were pulled out and we quickly put down some dates. Some broad ideas were sketched out. Improv Idol is essentially a talent show, an improv gig, with some comedy. More importantly, as experimental musicians we were wanting to explore improvisation and its current boundaries, through our contestants and judges.

It wasn't easy shortlisting contestants to our final eight – we argued over several applicants back and forth – and we're sorry we could not have everyone on board. Thank you to all of you who've applied.

We are confident however these eight contestants – and three esteemed judges – will give you a night of improv food for thought and great entertainment. We look forward to your input – your vote is important to crown Melbourne's first Improv Idol.

(P.S. in case you were wondering, we ended up not entering the Fringe just so it only costs you $10 to enjoy the night rather than $23)