I graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2004 with a Master of Music in Percussion Performance under the Australian Postgraduate Award, studying with then Head of Percussion, Timothy Hook.  During my overseas studies supported by the Ian Potter Foundation I had taken lessons with Bogdan Bacanu, Kroumata, Nancy Zeltsman, and Anders Åstrand.

I have returned to playing more recently.


An excerpt from the performance at Montsalvat May 2017.
 Close-up from performance of  For E.B. & M.F.  with Warren Burt.

Close-up from performance of For E.B. & M.F. with Warren Burt.



Duo of Shakuhachi & Marimba

The unique pairing of spiritually expressive shakuhachi and sonorous, lively marimba creates a rich tapestry of timbral colours. From the stillness of the breath to outbursts of percussive dialogues, the musical lifeforce is woven between these traditional and contemporary instruments.

Adam Simmons is one of Australia's most prolific and varied artists, as acclaimed multi- instrumentalist, creator of musical sculptures or specialised educator in improvisation, instrumental technique and shakuhachi.

Our next performance will be at the Montsalvat annual Arts Festival on 16 September.